Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore Design

I’m a self taught product designer in the great state of California. Since 2006, I’ve helped companies create and grow great products. I love design and I’m grateful to be doing it.

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Farewell New York, Hello California!

6 years and 5 months ago I packed my life in two bags and a carry-on to go and live…

Forget Consistency Across Platforms

Designing versions of a product for web, mobile web, iOS, and Android isn’t something you should normally do at the…

Be a Better Designer: Code

The internet has been pushing for designers to learn how to code ever since print designers moved into user interface….

Branded Interactions

One or two key functions. Well designed apps master their core interactions. The best are unique and become associated with…

Write Like a Designer

How do you do your best work? This is what works for me: Start with a goal-driven concept I’m excited…

Almost Flat Design

Flat design is both hot and controversial in world of user interface. Microsoft led the charge to introduce it to…

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