The San Francisco 49ers are back in the Super Bowl for the first since since January 29, 1995. That’s 18 years since Steve Young and Jerry Rice smoked the Chargers 49-26 in Miami. The world was a different place then, especially in terms of technology.

Major Tech Events in 1995

  • The first wiki was created
  • Yahoo! and eBay were incorporated
  • Netscape introduced SSL
  • Internet Explorer 1.0 was released
  • First E3 is held in Las Vegas
  • Microsoft released Windows 95
  • PHP, Ruby, Java, and Javascript were all released
  • Toy Story (the first movie to be completely computer generated) hit theaters
  • The USB standard was released

If you’re interested, check out to see what’s changed since the last time your team was in the title game. Even Patriots fans can get into the action now!

  • Greg Hollobaugh

    I’m looking forward to your post when my Detroit Lions finally make it