The Interface that IPOed

July 23, 2012

Kayak went public on Friday and wound up raising $91m in the process.

I remember looking at Kayak in 2007/2008 for inspiration since they had the best example of “AJAX filtering”. They had a slider with a beginning and end, which was rare and was useful to the finance apps I was working on. On the travel search side, this was the big advantage to using them over Orbtiz, Travelocity, etc. They let you refine your search like no one else.

Riding the improved UX of this advanced filtering technique (among other business efforts), they’ve IPOed as a company that doesn’t sell anything, they just aggregate data, provide a great user experience, and collect fees based off referrals.

Great design wins.

  • Korf

    Kayak would be great if their fares were actually the best available. They almost never are, interesting story never the less.